Epic Ruya is a franchise in the MENA region of Epic series- a unique addition to the obstacle course racing (OCR) community that is based in San Diego, CA. Epic combines elements of cross training, Strongman, and traditional obstacle course racing, but without the mud or long-distance running typically found in most other OCRs. By creating obstacles that have Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced options, EPIC Series opens up obstacle course racing to a wider audience of fitness enthusiasts who may have been too intimidated to try it in the past. EPIC Series is a family-friendly event, incorporating a KIDS Course that mimics a kid-sized version of the obstacles and strength challenges seen in the adult courses.

Ruya Club has succeeded in acquiring the franchise for Epic Series in the MENA region under the brand EPIC RUYA. The first branch to open will be in Egypt at RUYA Club, one of many to open in the region according to plan. The MENA region branches work according to the guidelines established by the headquarters in the US with obstacle challenge race events that are organized periodically.